Friday, November 7, 2008

The Foreign Exchange. "DayKeeper"


Probably new to you because I really dont know many people who listen to Phonte and Nic.......but Nic's music is heartfelt and Phonte well come on..... he's Phonte........... my boy.

Hype Video.

Kanye's Heartless Video.
I like the video. Alil Bit.
These new Mr. West songs still have to grow on me.

You can't really lose with a Hype Williams video though.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shook Up The World.

Our 44th President.
Our First Ever Black President.
Barack Obama.
If you didn't vote......don't ever talk to me.
Those who did, just know, we all are apart of history forever.
His acceptance speech.......something incredible.

First Family. Beautiful.

To those who feel a black man shouldn't be this......I dont like him because of that, he can't this......he proved YOU wrong before so it's time to do it again.