Saturday, January 17, 2009


Went to see it last night...... I gotta say it took awhile for this movie to come out and I see why. It was good , real good. I'm not trying gas it if you didn't see it but it was good.
Everyone in the movie did good.....esp. the girl from 3LW who played Lil Kim....and Faith did good too....
I think it shows how much music fell off and I hope it redefines what you would call A GREAT RAPPER IS......B.I.G was an amazing talent and really I do not respect ANYONE'S opinion on hip hop if you do not mention B.I.G, Nas, Jay-z and Pac.

*if you think Lil Wayne is one of the best.....greatest..... whatever people be saying don't talk to me about music because obviously you don't listen to music...... I guess you skim through it.

Letter To Big - Jadakiss